carpet-100092_960_720Have you ever considered getting your carpets serviced professionally? Typically when considering such an investment one investigates the benefits of the service; and since you’ve come searching, we’re here with some answers.

Why Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service?

I’m sure you’ve wondered to yourself, why hire a professional cleaning service when you could just as easily go to your local grocery store and rent a carpet cleaner and “clean” your carpets for less, right?

Well, I’m here to give you just a few reasons to reconsider that thought.

Reason number one: ridding your home of potentially trapped pollutants

Typically carpet has a plethora of sources of air pollution trapped within it. The dust and dirt collected within the fibers throughout the course of a normal day could result in lead and pet dander among other things. Even worse, these particles hold toxic gasses which get released during routine vacuuming.

Thats where the professionals come into play.

Many carpet cleaners, (and by many we mean Green Systems, of course), come prepared to work with powerful vacuum cleaners in combination with special carpet cleaning methods, including the use of natural shampoos to do their very best to clean, fight and remove stains.

Reason number two: Dust mites.

Need I say more?

They pollute carpets with tiny microscopic waste causing innocent home dwellers like you and I  the allergy attack of a lifetime.

During a steam clean process with a carpet cleaning service the carpet is serviced with an intense amount of heat, which in turn will rid the creepy crawlers.

Reason number three: Mold growth

No, not one of the mysterious jello variety either, equally as potentially dangerous though.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors ,”molds produce allergens, which are substances that can cause allergic reactions, as well as irritants and, in some cases, potentially toxic substances known as mycotoxins. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. ”

When you hire a carpet cleaning service they would provide powerful drying equipment in order to thoroughly dry the carpet and eliviate the problem, and prevent any potential problems from occuring.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How could I not decide to use a professional cleaning service on my carpets?!” Right? I figured. Call it a hunch but I’d also be willing to bet you’re now wondering, “Once I start this am I going to be forced into doing it every few months in order to maintain it?” 

That would depend on how heavily trafficked and/or soiled the carpet is.

In low to medium traffic areas, it would be perfectly fine to call a carpet cleaning service once in a year. Whereas In areas that acquire more traffic, you may want to ask a carpet cleaning about other services they offer.

Overall, if you’re going to consider hiring a carpet cleaning service, do your research and use such tools as  Houzz or Yelp to help find your exact needs.


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